La Llorona

La Llorona
David Juarez

First Draft

March 25, 2009

The camera move toward the camp fire light in the forest. Show the 3 teenagers and one adult sitting around in a circle.
There are one female teen and 2 male teen sitting. The adult is a male he is sitting down his facing towards the teens. The one male teen is sitting alone having his back facing the forest. The male teen is rather tall about 5’6 or 5’8” well fit. The other male teen is a 6’0” tall and is build for to play sports. The female teen is not taller than 4’11” slim and slender has a look for a model. The adult male he is in his middle age around late 20’s and early 30’s. As the man look like he has been living in the forest for many years.

As the fire keeps all them warm. The adult talks to them.
Let me tell you a story. This is the story called La Llorona or as weeping lady. This is her story like most stories this one is no different like those. Her story has love and happiness as well sadness and deception. As well most stories we can start that way. How did that go again? Ah yes, Once a upon time in a small pueblo in Mexico.

Camera fades away from the Adult camper as if it was going to a dream state. While the town is shown it pans through town leading towards the bar as the story is being told to the campers.

There is a little bar named “Find bar name” only famous around the small pueblo. The bar only has the finest woman in the town. It’s the only job a woman can have in the town. It’s a sad little town to live in. So this is our story will start.

Camera dollies and pan in the bar showing the main character. Zooms in facing the main character as its bring introduce in the story.

Here is the most beautiful woman in the bar her name is Nereida. Stands about 5”2’ or 4”11’ tall. She does not weight more than 120lbs. Nereida is in her early 20’s late teens. Her beauty was so famous in town they start give her the name “Doncella.” It a word they call her the Princess more of a goddess status. She is so beautiful not even one guy would not be able to escape from her beauty. Her skin tone is like golden sun kissed. Nereida eyes nice dark brown eyes. She had a baby face that no guy could not say no to. She wears a traditional Native of Mexican dress what was put by the Spanish. It’s a beautiful white dress with beautiful floral patterns on it. As she is the waitress in “Find bar name”. She cleans up the tables in the bar for the next costumer. As we still here the old man talks. “Now here come our hero of the story or is he?” The young man he is about 5”10’ or 5”11’ tall in his mid 20’s or early 30’s. Well dressed in a good business suit. His name is Damian.

He walk in the bar and looks around for a free table. Then Nereida invite Damian to the table she just finishes cleaned.S
La Llorona (First Draft) 03/25/2009 1

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